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Triven L.L.C.-FZ

About the company Triven L.L.C-FZ

Company Name: Triven L.L.C.-FZ
Company Type: Limited Liability Company
Company Address: Business Center 1, M Floor, The Meydan Hotel, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, U.A.E.
Formation Number: 2202497
Registered capital: 1 000 000 AED


Services, equipment, projects

Triven LLC supplies modern process equipment for various industries as well as separate structural units for different plants. Being an engineering company, we develop, optimize, equip and introduce latest leading and innovative technologies of global equipment manufacturers into the Customers’ existing production lines. Triven LLC uses an individual approach to the cost of engineering services for every Customer. Technical offers and solutions that we provide correspond to the most advanced developments and global ecologic standards.

Main stages of our work

We receive a request from a Customer;

We select equipment and provide feasibility report of the selected solution;

We hold consultations at each stage of cooperation and our service engineers visit industrial facilities of the Customers

We timely supply the required equipment, assemblies, components, separate units. Turnkey projects.

We perform high-quality installation supervision and commissioning works as well as put the equipment into operation.

Specialists of Triven LLC hold all the necessary consultations and trainings for the Customers’ personnel to operate the equipment safely and uninterruptedly.

Maintenance service for the Customers, remote maintenance. A team of highly skilled engineers provides maintenance services of the equipment in operation. Our Company is ready to ensure warranty maintenance as well as spare parts supply.

Main Customers

  • plants producing mineral fertilizers (phosphorus, potassium, nitric), various acids (nitrogen, phosphorus, hydrochloric, sulfuric), alcohols (methanol, ethanol), ammonia, etc)
  • plants producing a wide range of gas chemical products: polypropylene, polyethylene, hydrocarbon-based organic compounds, elastomers/rubbers, plastics and organic synthesis products
  • steel mills, hot- and cold-rolled steel, pipes, long products, metalware, construction of steel structures, galvanized steel and pre-painted steel
  • industrial plants engaged in prospecting, exploration, mining, processing and refining of non-ferrous metals: copper, nickel, aluminum, various precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc.

Main projects and equipment for implementation

  • pumping equipment for chemical and energy industries
  • gearboxes
  • compressors. Booster compressor stations. Turbines, fans. Steam recovery with power generation
  • Heat exchanging equipment of various types and modifications. Furnaces, reactors and column type equipment. Furnaces for calcination of bulk materials and catalysts, reconstruction of reforming furnaces
  • Automated units for liquid products loading/unloading/pouring. Systems for chemicals and chemical elements loading/unloading
  • Light hydrocarbon vapor recovery units
  • Methanol regeneration units
  • Complex projects on gas separation, dehydration and cooling
  • Flares, industrial burners. Incinerators for gas, liquid and solid waste burning
  • Hot dip galvanizing lines for steel structures and steel bands
  • Metal cutting lines (longitudinal, transverse, longitudinal-transverse)
  • Equipment and components for rolling mills
  • Forging and press equipment.

Company legal aspects

Our Company severely fights any forms of corruption, supports efforts in fighting bribery, tax evasion – the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Business activities of Triven LLC are based on the requirement of absolute compliance with all laws, timely tax payment, refraining from unfair competition, and observance of intellectual property rights.

We highly value our reputation. Our Company stands for running open and fair business. Corruption is not allowed in the Company and is unacceptable from our business partners’ side.

We implement all our projects, and supply process equipment in strict accordance with all international norms of the law ensuring transparency in dealing with all international agents, distributors, etc.